Five Oldest UEFA Winners League Winners

Interestingly, four out of five players on this list come from the same nation as you

The title of the winners' league is certainly every player's imagination. even if a new potential customer or

Ask the current vet, everyone considers that competition their top goal. Ask Gigi Buffon

who, despite winning several group titles, cups and even a Universe Cup, certainly considers

not winning the Winners' League as the biggest lapse of his career.It requires a lot of mental

toughness and skill to overcome the toughest competition as well as the toughest moments.

On the other hand, within the illustrious history of the Champions League, some legends have defeated the age-based stereotype and led their clubs to victory.

some. Marco Materazzi (Inter Milan) - thirty-six years 276 days and nights

The Inter Miami legend has made forty-eight Champions League appearances and

a title with only one title being called by him only. Materazzi was you in the triple-winning aspect

of Inter in 2010. The former Italian defense had an incredibly impressive defensive life and played

a key role in the final against FC Bayern Munich when Inter were set under heavy force.During the

period of 2010, he formed a great impeccable partnership with his manager Jose Mourinho and without him every single plan was incomplete.

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