5G launched in India PM Modi

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has started the auspicious service of 5G mobile in India's capital Delhi's Pragati Maidan Mobile Phone Congress 2022.

And here we will usher in the era of ultra high speed internet of our national for the first time. And today on Saturday some cities have launched 5G telephony.

but will progressively cover the rest of the country in different years. and 5G telephony technology provides even greater coverage of uninterrupted

Data rate, low latency will provide highly reliable communication. and energy capacity will lead to a uniform boost in spectrum capacity and Internet capacity.

If the cumulative financial impact of 5G in India is expected to reach $450 billion by 2035. Holiday generation or 5G services are expected to bring new economic opportunities as well as social benefits to the country.

and three television companies Jio Reliance and Airtel and 7 Vodafone Idea also bid for 5G along with the Adani Group in the spectrum auction.

The cost of 1BG internet in our India was ₹ 300 earlier in our country of India but now the cost of 1BG internet has become ₹10.

And the Prime Minister of our India, Shri Narendra Modi ji said that before 14 GB internet it used to be ₹ 4200 per month but in present time the cost of 14 GB internet is from 125 to 150,

Our Digital India success is based on four pillars including cost of device, digital connectivity, data cost and first digital first approach,