“Meet Manu Agrawal, a former Google employee who faced rejection 35 times before securing a job with a salary of Rs 1.9 crore

“Meet Manu Agrawal, a former Google employee who faced rejection 35 times before securing a job with a salary of Rs 1.9 crore. His incredible journey exemplifies how setbacks and failures can be instrumental in achieving success.

Hailing from Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, Manu Agrawal received his basic education at a Hindi-medium government school. Despite facing challenges, particularly in mathematics, he exhibited unwavering determination to overcome his shortcomings.

His pursuit of excellence led him to earn a Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) degree from Bundelkhand University after achieving a high score in the AIEEE exam. Subsequently, he continued his educational journey by obtaining a master’s degree from the National Institute of Technology in Tiruchirappalli.

In 2016, Manu secured a paid internship worth Rs 10,000 and embarked on a relentless job hunt, applying to numerous companies while pursuing his Master of Computer Application (MCA) degree. Despite facing rejection from at least 35 companies, he persisted in his efforts, leveraging his exceptional coding skills.

Eventually, his perseverance paid off when he landed an internship at Microsoft, which later extended a job offer. Microsoft, based in Seattle, Washington, rewarded his talents with a staggering salary package of Rs 1.9 crore, as reported by Navbharat Times.

However, Manu’s journey took an unexpected turn when the COVID-19 pandemic compelled him to return to India, influenced by his family’s wishes. Upon his return, he contributed his skills as a software engineer at Google. Subsequently, driven by a shared vision with his friend Abhishek Gupta, he co-founded Tutort Academy.

Today, Manu Agrawal is not only a success story but also the driving force behind Tutort Academy, renowned for its comprehensive master courses in programming and software engineering. These courses cover a wide array of topics, including Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Structure, among others. His remarkable journey underscores the invaluable lessons that determination and hard work can impart on the path to success.”

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